Major Yacht Services is the Australian Distributor for:


Fender Hook with Sheep Skin

3" or 4" in Black or Brown

Pipe rail fender hook

1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" in Black or Brown

Fluffy removable chafe gear

Blk Acrylic

Fluffy removable chafe gear

White sheepskin

AERE 12" Diameter Fenders

12" Diameter fenders are the solution for many small yachts, both power and sail. For most boats ranging between 20' and 45' long, these fenders are the ones you've been waiting for. Up to 10X stronger than your standard vinyl fenders, but can be deflated easily for storage, no bicycle pump or needles needed!

AERE 12" FendaSox

Fenda-Sox for 12" diameter AERÉ Inflatable Fenders. These fender covers will fit any 12" diameter AERÉ Inflatable Fenders. Made from our heavy duty Fenda-Sox material, these fender covers will be the perfect solution for you. From the yarn to the finished cover, all of our Fenda-Sox are made in the USA. These will be the last fender cover you will ever want to buy.

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