About Us

Major Yacht Services, (MYS), has been especially designed to meet the growing demands of Superyachts visiting Australian waters. MYS has access to agencies on a global scale. We are a member of the worldwide Association of Superyacht Support Services (AYSS), www.ayss.org, with representatives in over 30 countries & growing. MYS is also associated to the Priority Parts network, a worldwide supplier of spare parts to Australian superyachts, Superyachts visiting Australia & Superyachts in the Asia / Pacific region

Building upon years of experience in the marine industry, both locally and internationally, and with an extensive network of preferred suppliers we are able to provide anything that a visiting superyacht and its personnel might require.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our company and the services we offer. We look forward to being of assistance to you, your guests and your crew.

Enjoy your stay
Kind regards
Geoff Majer & The Team at Major Yacht Services

Meet The Team

Geoff Majer - Managing Director

With 7 years as an engineer in the Royal Australian Navy and 8 years as a chief engineer on Superyachts in Europe and America, Geoff Majer founded Major Yacht Services in 1997 to cater for the growing demand of Superyachts visiting Australian waters.

The first Superyacht specific agency offering agent services throughout Australia, Geoff proved to be an industry leader with his role in the development of the NSW superyacht industry foundation, his Chairmanship of the AYSS and his continual advocacy for the development of the Superyacht industry within Australia.

Simon Henry - Crew Placement Manager and Superyacht Support

Simon was the Operations Manager of a Sydney Surf company when he heard about the yachting industry through a friend back in 2005. Resigning immediately, Simon flew to Antibes and found work as a 1stmate on a charter yachthis very first day of dock walking. With a track record like this it is not surprising Simon now heads up crew placement here at MYS.

Over the next 10 years, Simon progressed his career working his way up to captain, holding both MCA and AMSA qualifications and working on Superyachts throughout Europe, North Africa, America and the Australian East coast. With a good knowledge of both the local and overseas market Simon is equipped to provide shore based support to both foreign and domestic travelling superyachts.

Nelly Castagnet - Yacht Provisions and Accounts

Nelly Castagnet was born in France and has been residing and working in Australia for a number of years. She got a taste for the yachting industry living in Corsica for two years, workingin high end hospitality.

Since coming to Australia in 2008, Nelly has worked on commercial vessels throughout remote Western Australia and high end luxury private and charter vessels in Sydney harbour.

Nelly brings a wealth of local food and wine knowledge to yachts wanting to provision anywhere throughout Australia.

David McQueen - New Builds and Refit

Over the past 34 years David has been involved in some of the most advanced designed Motor Yachts of their time. His experiences are vast, from wooden boat building to mega yacht construction, major refit and repair projects as well as management of international boatbuilding companies at a CEO level.

He has worked closely with leading world designers such as Jon Bannenberg, with whom he built more than 12 super yachts including the world renowned High Speed 50 m - MY Thunder.

Previous projects include, MY Ilona 74m, MY Ilonka 50m, MY Hey Jude 44m, MY Crystal Lady, 36m, MY Perfect Persuasion 46m MY Aussie Rules 69m, MY Sagitta 58m, MY Oceana 54m, MY Moecca 45m, MY Mercedes II 37m, MY Parts VI 50m.

Les Wright - Company Accountant

Having maybe stepped onto a yacht once in his early childhood, Les has very little knowledge about yachts other than that they cost allot of money to maintain. For what he lacks in seamanship he makes up in his stringent account keeping and advice on taxation law. Having now worked very closely with MYS for several years Les not only knows what a desalination plant is but how a foreign travelling yacht can claim one GST free.

Major Yacht Services provide outstanding luxury superyacht services to both locally based Australian Superyachts, motor yachts and superyachts visiting Australian waters. A specialist in superyacht berthing and bunkering – superyacht fueling, we can assist with all your superyacht customs clearance paperwork and anything out of the ordinary.

Acting agent to local Australian Superyachts & Superyachts visiting Australia since 1997.