Major Yacht Services

ABN: 69 120 291 901
Phone 02 9810 7200
Fax     02 9810 0144
International   +61 2 9810 7200

Site & Courier Address

Suite D, 2 Maritime Court Rozelle,
Sydney Superyacht Marina,
NSW 2039, Australia

Postal Address

P.O. Box 620
Gladesville NSW 2111



MYS Crew Placement Division

Please note:

Within Australia:

Dial 02 to reach our office phone/fax number if you are calling from outside Sydney.

Outside Australia:

Dial our country code first 61 then dial 2 for Sydney’s area code.
Do not dial the 0 in the area code and then the number listed.
For mobiles, dial the country code and the number listed without the zero at the beginning of the number.