Handle Mate PFD 9″ Telescopic



No More lost handles or scratched paint. The Handle Mate PFD is a high-quality neoprene sleeve that protects your surfaces from scratches and digs with a closed cell foam insert. Best of all, the sleeve makes the handle buoyant, causing it to float!

INSTRUCTIONS for #855 Telescoping Handle

1. Insert Closed Cell Foam Flotation Insert into handle from open end.

2. Note. Outer Neoprene Protective Cover has an open end and an end with a stopper, plus additional small piece open at both ends. Slide open end of larger piece of the Outer Neoprene Protective Cover over the open end of a Shurhold #855 telescoping handle completely until open end of handle engages rubber stopper at other end of Outer Neoprene Protective Cover.

3. Twist stopper end of Outer Neoprene Protective Cover until target logo is over the accessory hole in the handle.

4. Slide small section of Outer Neoprene Protective Cover over red end grip on handle until it rests between the two red grips. This is tight and will take some effort.

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 8 cm