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TEAK PLUS is a quality controlled, biodegradable acidic chemical product formulated for use in the marine industry. TEAK PLUS is a water dilute able concentrate which cleans, neutralises and restores the bright natural lustre to teak (or beech) wood surfaces and trim. It will not harm paint, varnishes, or fibreglass when used as directed. TEAK PLUS is applied after the teak wood has been cleaned with its companion product TEAK MINUS.

Dilute TEAK MINUS 1 part MINUS to 3 parts water for heavy cleaning of teak decks. Apply product to
teak and use a ¾ inch 3M green scrub pad, or a medium bristle brush. Spread the product over 3 to 4
square feet at a time (no more please). Allow to soak from 3-5 minutes. Scrub area thoroughly. The
wood will turn dark, after scrubbing, Do Not, Do Not! rinse at this time. Apply TEAK PLUS as it
comes from the container – full strength. When the teak looks natural in colour, rinse completely with
water. At this point, survey your work and determine whether or not there is a complete bleaching and
there are not dark or shaded spots. If the deck is slightly spotted, dilute the TEAK PLUS 3 parts water
to 1 part TEAK PLUS, apply this solution to the deck and allow it to set for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse
for best results.
Always keep water running on the painted surfaces and metal, and water line. Do not get either of
these products on the lettering on the aft end of the yacht when you are cleaning the teak around that
area of the boat. Keep water running on the lettering. Enamel paints are generally used to paint on
these letters, or gold leaf. They will not hold up under any teak cleaners.

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